Back to Basics in B2B Marketing

  The advice of most business coaches is to test and measuring (approximately) ten different marketing channels, whilst others recommend sticking with just the best two or three initiatives which work best. I am always looking for new initiatives to trial for Responsiva, and in doing so measure the results rigorously. […]

Business Consultancies Can Conquer Market Saturation

Is market saturation a factual term, or just one of those spruced-up theoretical concepts which only happens to ‘other’ industry sectors? As I work with UK business data, one of the most enjoyable aspects is that everything is provable. Market saturation is definitely a factual term. The mobile phone sector at […]

The UK Business Data Universe (The Facts)

The UK’s business data universe comprises approximately three million records which may be segmented for direct marketing purposes. Some high-level facts about this business universe follow;   Employee Counts All records are regularly telephone verified and updated with their current employee count. Perhaps of most significant note is that some 75% […]

SMS B2B Marketing To 255,000 Businesses

Responsiva has recently partnered with FAST SMS; a company dedicated to sending out SMS (text) messages for their clients. Whilst SMS marketing has historically been tailored towards the consumer marketplace, there are some 255,000 business data records which operate from a mobile phone number. And that’s where Responsiva comes in; the […]

Telephone Preference Service for Business Data

The Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) was introduced to the UK in 2004. Whilst marketeers argued their rights to free trade into the commercial sector, the decision was taken to implement the service with business data for the benefit of sole traders and micro companies. The rationale in support of the micro […]

The Direct Marketing Cycle

To maximize the return from direct marketing, all aspects of the marketing cycle should be applied. Is your telemarketing followed-up by post and email? And do your emails link with social media support? For efficiency, data driven marketing initiatives should be managed from a single master database.   The Master Database […]

Postcode District Finder by Town

Post Town & Postcode District Look-up Table Town County Postcode ABBOTS LANGLEY Hertfordshire WD5 ABERAERON Dyfed SA46 ABERDARE Mid Glamorgan CF44 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB10 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB11 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB12 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB15 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB16 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB21 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB22 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB23 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB24 ABERDEEN Aberdeenshire AB25 […]

b2b data uses: Email vs Postal Campaigns

Email Marketing vs Direct Mail Whilst email marketing has its place and benefits, the overall return on investment is considerably lower than most would perceive. The initial cost of an email database needs to be factored in, and compared to the percentage of responders and eventual conversions to becoming a new […]

The importance of data cleansing

When it comes to sales and marketing, data cleansing is one of the most fundamental elements for success. The quality of the data you have can massively impact your business and more importantly your profits. It makes complete sense that you want that impact to be a positive one which means […]