SMS B2B Marketing To 255,000 Businesses

Responsiva has recently partnered with FAST SMS; a company dedicated to sending out SMS (text) messages for their clients.

Whilst SMS marketing has historically been tailored towards the consumer marketplace, there are some 255,000 business data records which operate from a mobile phone number. And that’s where Responsiva comes in; the b2b data supply. With more than a quarter of a million businesses trading from a mobile telephone number (all pre-screened against the Telephone Preference Service), there must surely be a marketing opportunity for your business here.


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Fast SMS are offering 100 free message credits, as a free trial.

And Responsiva are offering you 100 free b2b mobile numbers to test.



Why Use SMS B2B Marketing?

The answer is very straightforward; you will reach your target audience immediately, and with incredible marketing accuracy.

A great example of how to really make this work comes from my past employment (before starting Responsiva in 2003); as the Account Director for a household name Pet food company. Teaming up with the till data from a well-known supermarket, we matched the pet database with those supermarket customers who could be relied upon to be at the till at the same day & time each week. Knowing the store layout (walk time),  we evaluated the approximate time of the week each consumer would be walking down the supermarket’s pet food aisle. At that moment the consumer received an SMS saying;

Hi, it’s <<pet’s name>>, don’t forget to buy me an extra tin of <<branded pet food>>


Some SMS Statistics

– 90 percent of text messages get read within 3 minutes of delivery. (Source:, 2011)

– 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via a text. (, 2016)
– 66% of people subscribed to mobile marketing report to have made a purchase as a result of receiving a text message (, 2016)

– SMS reminder can increase the attendance rate to an event by 45%. (, 2016)
– A simple follow up text asking “have you read our email?” can help increase email open rates by 20%–30%. (, 2016)


Who Are Fast SMS?

You can read all about their service from their website by clicking this link

Fast SMS are Feefo commended merchant who have been voted “Best SMS Provider – UK” 2 years running in the Technology Innovator Awards.

From a personal perspective (and Responsiva’s recommendation), our respective business relationship goes back more than ten years. So I write about this opportunity (and free trial) with great confidence. The ultimate irony is that Fast SMS now operates from the very same office premise in Droitwich which Responsiva occupied between 2006 and 2008.

Contact Your Customers and Best Prospects

SMS marketing can be used in all manner of ways; appointment reminders, invites (to seminars) or even to point prospects at your latest offering. Some of you will even be reading this post as a result of having received an SMS message pointer from myself.


Who Are These 255,000 Businesses?

If you have no (or very few) customer mobile numbers, and your market is b2b, the following profile of the b2b universe of mobile numbers may be of some assistance as to what’s out there.

These are predominantly SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS.

1. Employee Profile

emps             emps-pie

As you may expect, the vast majority of businesses trading from a mobile phone are micro companies. Sole traders taking the lion’s share of prospects. But there remains many thousand larger businesses if your specification is otherwise reasonably generic.

2. Industry Sectors

Because there are some 2,000 industry classifications on file, I will not list a full breakdown here. Suffice it to say that virtually all business types are represented within this Universe, though the “trade” / “white van” business type features prominently. Some 60,000 of the b2b data universe (23%) which trade from a mobile phone sit within the top 20 industry classifications;


3. Premise Type

The final profile for now is by “Premise Type”; the type of BUILDING from which the company operates;


Premise type is an overlooked b2b data selection field. For example, if you are an office cleaning company then I would have thought companies trading from an OFFICE (“Office & Admin” or “Head Office”) would be viable targets for you. Escpecially when cross tabulated with employee size of say 3+.



Ultimately SMS B2B marketing isn’t for everyone. Hence the free trial (link HERE) of 100 records. Fast SMS will provide the bulletin, and Responsiva are offering the data.

Just call Responsiva on 0800 118 5000 (or email with any questions.