Responsiva’s mailing list testimonials are genuine.

Unlike most business testimonials, Responsiva don’t ask for them. So the words you read below are genuine “off the cuff” comments received from clients about the mailing list data and service they have received.

Responsiva don’t accompany our mailing list data supplies with the words “please write us a testimonial”. We let our service do the talking for us. And those customers who want to volunteer a few nice words do so.

Therefore the mail list testimonials you see below are all completely unprompted and that is how Responsiva wants its service to be seen: genuine.

This is great. Really appreciate the speed in which you turned this around and the suggestion on how to market to the mailing list.
Your service has been excellent and I am happy with the 2010 mail list price increase. Invoice paid today.
Attached is a csv of the hard bounces we detected from the recent mailing list – very respectable indeed. We had bets on in the office (we’re a sad lot). I had faith and won easily.
I’m very happy with the mailinglist – please bill the full amount. I’m really busy at the mo. When I get a chance I’ll put a few words together as we discussed.
The mailing went well but as I have just come back from hols I do not know if we have managed to get any enquires from the list, I am just waiting for a brief from MD!
Thanks for the data, it was well presented and what we requested, made my life easier.
Apologies for not calling you to confirm receipt of the data list, I immediately sent it to my telemarketing team and moved onto something else. So far the revised data list has given us a good meeting with a new contact – it seems to be doing its job!
You supplied my company with some data in 2009. I have been that pleased with the data that I have recommended your company to numerous business associates and indeed will be requiring more data myself for another geographical location in the not too distant future.
Historically I have been nothing short of cynical about buying mailing lists and particularly over the internet. However, I have found the whole experience of dealing with Responsiva both easy and pleasurable. I look forward to doing more business with Responsiva.