Business Data in Droitwich Spa

From the most recent business data counts, there are 809 marketing records available within Droitwich Spa. Droitwich is taken as the WR9 postcode district. This prospect data may be sourced as a data list for mailshots or telephone marketing. Data volumes fluctuate according to new businesses appearing in the file, or lquidated […]

Avoiding Chains

One of the biggest complaints in sourcing data lists for marketing is where the list contains chains. The main reason behind this is the sales process involved. Specifically that most chain business sites don’t have the decision making ability to buy the product or service being marketed. This does depend very […]

Database Evaluation Service

Responsiva Data now offers a database evaluation service, which has particular relevance for insolvency practitioners when assessing the overall value of a company entering liquidation. Or indeed for any business requiring a valuation where a database is included within the company asset list. Almost all businesses have a database, and most have […]

B2B Data Lists

In sourcing a B2B data list it is vital to pinpoint your target market.   This may be achieved by profiling current and past customers; in matching them to the business universe, the industry types, company sizes and other profile fields can be analysed and a prospect data specification be derived.   Many businesses […]

Cheap Data Lists

Sourcing a marketing data list should not be purely price-focused because not all data lists are the same. To verify the 2million-strong universe of UK businesses takes time and resource. So if you source a cheap data list then there is a good chance that the data list itself may have been “cheaply […]

Marketing Data for the Small Business

ALL businesses should have a marketing database! There are marketing data initiatives for all business types, ranging from the corner shop-keeper and car sales showroom (selling to consumers) to the business management consultant and accountant. The first stage of getting the right prospect data list is to identify WHO buys your products […]

Business Data

The business data universe contains approximately 2 million live business sites. If you also include such ‘businesses’ as scout huts, church halls and other irregular types of company then the total figure increases. Shelf companies (which are registered with Companies House but left inactive) increase the volume of available businesses massively […]