General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? The GDPR is a new EU regulation to replace Directive 95/46/EC which will be directly applicable in every Member State. This means there is no need for the UK to implement any secondary legislation The aim is to harmonize all data protection law […]

Business Data Scoring

After a b2b data specification has been applied to the business universe, there are often more prospects than desired. In these instances it could be worth applying a business data scoring model to select the best records for your marketing.

b2b data Company Start Date

Limited Companies For Limited companies the Incorporation Date is derived from Companies House. Note: this is the date that the company was incorporated at Companies House. It may not have been trading since this date because Directors can register a business at Companies House and then not start actively trading until […]

Business Data Branch Count

  Featured Data Variable: “Branch Count” The “Branch Count” variable doesn’t appear on standard business data supplies, because more questions would be raised than answered. Yet it’s a very powerful selection filter. The branch count field has a numerical value, relating to the number of sites per company.   Examples Some examples of high […]

Business Data For Postal Mailings

For the last decade and more, social media has been the marketing buzzword. But does it really work? The free elements of Twitter & Linked-in certainly have merit, but both require a dedicated daily investment of time. Whilst paid-for advertising via many different social media channels has yet to yield well […]

B2B Marketing to the Big Fish

  B2B Marketing to the Big Fish Do you market your company to the larger, corporate organisations? I wonder why so many small companies do this, as there are six key reasons why they should consider alternatives. There is no denying that winning a blue chip client gives some prestige, and […]