The UK Business Data Universe (The Facts)

The UK’s business data universe comprises approximately three million records which may be segmented for direct marketing purposes.

Some high-level facts about this business universe follow;


Employee Counts

All records are regularly telephone verified and updated with their current employee count.

Perhaps of most significant note is that some 75% of the business data file has up to five employees, rendering just 25% of companies having more than 5 staff.


Multiple Sites

70% of business data records are known to trade from a single site.

This means that the remaining 30% operate as branches, multiple sites or national chains.


Premise Types

Where a company’s premise type is known;

  • 31% operate from an OFFICE premise
  • 7.5% operate from a FACTORY or WAREHOUSE premise
  • 15.5% trade from HOME
  • 31% trade from a RETAIL premise
  • 5.5% operate from a MEDICAL or EDUCATION premise


Contact Names & Details

Almost 90% of business data records contain a senior contact name, which may be segmented by job titles and functions. About 70% of these are business owner or director level names, with the remainder being managerial.

Telephone numbers (checked against the most recent Corporate Telephone Preference Service) are available with some 56% of business data.

And email addresses can be appended to just 7.5% of the business data universe. 15% of those email addresses are generic (“info@” etc).


Industry Classifications / Sectors

80% of the UK universe has an industry classification.  Business data may be selected by inclusion or exclusion of specific sectors.

But it should be noted that whilst these classifications can advise “what a business does / sells“, ir does NOT advise “how they do it”. For example, these classifications do not advise what accountancy software a company uses, or whether there is an in-house call centre.



All records contain a full UK postcode, and this is always the best method of selecting business data from a territorial perspective. By way of example, Bromley (postcode area “BR”) is regarded by the council as having the county status of a Greater London Borough. However, by the Royal Mail / PAF (Postal Address File) the county is defined as Kent. Where business data is concerned, the Royal Mail is king; because direct marketing postal letters need to be delivered!


There are many ways to accurately pinpoint the right prospect database for your direct marketing. The most important element is to speak with an industry expert who understands the highlights and limitations of the business data universe. The skill sets behind Responsiva are now entering their twenty-eighth year in the direct marketing industry. So get in touch if you have any questions.

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