Cheap Data Lists

Sourcing a marketing data list should not be purely price-focused because not all data lists are the same.

To verify the 2million-strong universe of UK businesses takes time and resource. So if you source a cheap data list then there is a good chance that the data list itself may have been “cheaply updated”. i.e., not as current as yuou would find from the reputable data sources.

In the long run this costs you money because once you have sourced your business prospect data you will then be investing more money into contacting it. This will typically be through telephone marketing or direct mail, therefore incurring costs with the salaries of oprators to make the calls, or through the print / pack / post requirements to the data. And it is these costs which vastly outweigh the additional cost you may have spent on acquiring a high quality data list in the first place.

At Responsiva you will always find helpful and professional data advice, and never knowingly be mis-sold a data list which is unfit for purpose.

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