Avoiding Chains

One of the biggest complaints in sourcing data lists for marketing is where the list contains chains.

The main reason behind this is the sales process involved. Specifically that most chain business sites don’t have the decision making ability to buy the product or service being marketed.

This does depend very much on the product or service; some services (such as recruitment or office cleaning) are empowered at site, whilst others are sourced on a company-wide basis from head office.

In sourcing marketing data lists it is vital to appreciate this factor before the list is purchased.

Almost all branch sites are easily distinguished by the job title of the senior contact name who works there. Predominantly they are identified by such titles as Branch Manager, Site Manager, Licensee etc.

The best way to avoid branches is to select data only where there is a named director at site. Even the branches that are included in this way will have a specifically named director, and therefore some decision-making capability.

At Responsiva you are assured that data is never knowingly mis-sold, and questions are asked to guide you down the right path of sourcing a perfect data list for your marketing.

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