B2B Data Lists

In sourcing a B2B data list it is vital to pinpoint your target market.


This may be achieved by profiling current and past customers; in matching them to the business universe, the industry types, company sizes and other profile fields can be analysed and a prospect data specification be derived.


Many businesses already know their target market, so can identify their prospecting B2B data list from historical knowledge or common sense.



Accountants for example typically look for new businesses within their area, who can be identified by postcode and business incorporation date. In the first year of trading a business would not yet have filed their first year’s accounts, so (as every business requires an accountant) these businesses are most likely to be “up for grabs” as a potential new customer.


And Colleges (offering “Train to Gain” to the commercial sector) like to get as many ‘learners’ as possible. So employee size is critical, alongside a geographical catchment area and the exclusion of certain industry types (such as marketing to other colleges or training providers).



Commercial cleaning companies seem to love office premise types, again with a minimum employee size: as a general rule, the more employees the higher the number of  “cleaning hours” required.


Whatever your industry there is definitely a target market – even if you’re not sure where it is.

Sometimes it is best to look at what business prospects you don’t want, rather than the ones you do.

Responsiva data receive many calls from businesses who say “we can sell to anyone, so there’s no definitive specification”. This is always an interesting comment to receive so we always dig a little deeper. Here’s an example of a typical conversation:



Enquirer: “we can sell to anyone, so there’s no definitive specification”

Responsiva: “absolutely anyone?”

Enquirer: “yes, really. We sell photocopiers so every business will need one.”

Responsiva: “how about branches of chain retail outlets or burger restaurants?”

Enquirer: “well no, obviously not to them – that would need a head-office decision.”

Responsiva: “and do you visit your prospects to demonstrate the photocopiers?”

Enquirer:“Yes, we have two sales people: one covers London and the South-East, the other covers Midlands and north.”

Responsiva: “who covers Cornwall & Scotland?”

Enquirer: “Our Midlands guy, but I prefer him not to travel there.”

Responsiva: “presumably the same for Ireland and off-shore islands like Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands?”

Enquirer: “Absolutely; there’s no way we’d go there on a speculative visit. It would take all day and cost a fortune in expenses”

Responsiva: “would you sell to the sole trader who works from home?”

Enquirer: “we can do, but ideally we like companies trading from offices with 50 or more employees. That way there’s a chance we can sell two or three pieces of kit, like printers too”.

Responsiva: “and how will you contact these prospects? By telephone, mailing or email?” 

Enquirer: “our sales team calls them to make their own appointments.”

The conversation continues and eventually the specification is reached. This time it’s more about which businesses to EXCLUDE from the prospective selectable universe, rather than the original comment of ““we can sell to anyone”.

The Data Specification

  • Exclude businesses in Cornwall, Devon, off-shore Islands, Ireland and Scotland
  • Exclude businesses with less than 50 employees
  • Exclude businesses managed by a “Branch Manager”
  • Exclude businesses not trading from an OFFICE premise
  • Exclude businesses unless they have a telephone number screened against the Telephone Preference Service

So out of 2million businesses in the UK, just what percentage are now viable prospects for this company? It’s less than 2% of the original “we can market to anybody”.

And this is precisely why Responsiva are as good as it gets when sourcing B2B data lists. You’ll be guided through the identification of your key prospect list and never knowingly be sold a data list of inappropriate prospects.


Questions are free to ask, and counts of available prospects cost nothing either. Even the phone call is free: 0800 118 5000 

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