B2B Data Lists for Email, Mailing & Marketing from Responsiva

Responsiva’s available b2b data lists span a universe of two million active trading business premises.

The Specification

Only a handful of corporate companies within the UK would wish to market to such a high volume of all two million prospects, so the key to unlocking the right b2b mailing lists from the full universe lies within the prospect data specification. And this is where Responsiva’s experience is first class.
The most common business data fields used within the specification are as follows:

  • Industry classification
  • Company size
  • Geography
  • Premise type
  • Length of trading
  • Contact name job title

And behind these variables, pre-requisite selections are made based on whether certain marketing fields are available such as telephone number (TPS screened), fax number (FPOS screened) and email address.

Industry Classifications

The most commonly applied variable of all is the industry classification of a business prospect. The success of a b2b mailing list hinges on targeting the right marketplace for your company’s products and services. And it can become quite challenging to select the right industry classifications for your b2b mailing lists when there are approximately two thousand to choose from! Responsiva’s solution is to simplify this process by grouping the classifications into twelve high-level Business Groups:

  • Retail
  • Service Sector
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Transport
  • Food & Drink
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Materials & Chemicals

By selecting which of these twelve groups are most relevant for your b2b mailing list, Responsiva will then help you drill deeper into the groups which are segmented into 100 Market Sectors. For example, the Service Sector includes such Market Sectors as: Marketing, Office Services, TV & Radio and Legal Services.

And each Market Sector can be mined deeper to engage the two thousand distinct industry classifications for your b2b prospect list. For example, within the Legal Services Market Sector there are the following industry classifications: Solicitors, Barristers, Courts & Bailiffs. Similarly the Education Sector can be broken down by Schools, Colleges, Driving Schools, Nurseries etc.

Other Variables

It is possible that your business is not reliant on specific industry classifications as an ideal route to market.  For example, commercial cleaners and fork lift truck companies should have no interest whatsoever in the industry classification or market sector for their b2b mailing lists. In their cases, the business Premise Type would be the most appropriate variable to select a b2b mailing list by.

For example: commercial cleaners would look to target offices and (possibly, but less likely) retail, factories or medical premises. And a minimum employee size as an additional filter (along with any geographical requirements) would ensure the resulting data within the b2b mailing list has an appropriate amount of cleaning hours required.

Similarly, the best premise type for fork lift truck companies is warehouses. Again, the application of a minimum employee size to the b2b mailing list would ensure a likely minimum number of trucks used by the business.

Responsiva will always help you get the right prospects for your b2b data lists so talk to us first.