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Contacting prospects by phone can offer a number of advantages over other forms of marketing.

Telemarketing allows you to:

  • Quickly gauge the customer’s interest in your product/service
  • Strategically assess the customer’s needs and thus the potential sale value
  • Explain complex or technical messages more effectively

Over the years telemarketing has developed a negative reputation; however this is more associated with cold calling consumers. In business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing, people are more receptive to marketing calls as part of their work than they are at home.

In reality few B2B sales are made without some telephone contact with a prospective customer. In addition, a dedicated telemarketing campaign could help you to:

  • Generate new sales leads and appointments
  • Follow up responses to direct-mail or e-marketing campaigns
  • Build a targeted database of prospects that use your product/service
  • Remove unsuitable prospects from your marketing immediately
  • Find out about industry developments and the activities of your competitors
  • Keep in touch with existing customers and renew relationships with lapsed customers

Telemarketing Evolved

Responsiva have taken telemarketing to the next level.

Our expert data team will provide you with pre-campaign prospect targeting through auditing and profiling your current customer database or via analysing a market research campaign to prospective customers. These results will be used to source you the most responsive database for your telemarketing campaign.

Responsiva’s post campaign reporting and analyses will identify further trends within your target market to ensure that your data specification and telemarketing campaign evolves to continually achieve the best possible results.