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Buy A Targeted Mailing List

With more than three million mailing list records available to choose from within the UK universe, just which ones would you want for your marketing campaign? This is where Responsiva’s mailing list service can help you, with a step-by-step process to identifying the very best prospect data for your mailing.

By asking yourself the following questions (or discussing them openly with Responsiva) you will swiftly get to a targeted mailing list specification that’s right for your business. And you will see how we can whittle down two million prospects into a database size that’s right for you:

(please note that figures are approximate and for guideline purposes only)

1. Will your mailing list be used for telemarketing also?

If the answer is “yes” then you will require telephone numbers with the prospect database. And because Responsiva always pre-screen your mailing list against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), any matches will need to be removed from the available file. Did you know that 25% of businesses are now registered with the TPS?

2. What Geographical Requirements Are There?

In many cases the answer will be “Full UK”, but it is a question that needs to be asked. Many businesses have a specific catchment area for their service, so to ensure an accurately targeted mailing list various postcodes are supplied by which to select the data.

Let’s assume your area is “Greater London” which Responsiva translate as the postcode areas stretching outwards to the M25. Businesses within Greater London account for 15% of the full available UK mailing list universe. And because 25% of the mailing list universe has already been excluded (from the TPS screening) we are left with 11%.

3. Are there Any Company Size Requirements?

It is normal to ensure your targeted mailing list is selected by company size. Five or more employees may be a typical cut-off point for your business data requirements. Otherwise the companies might be considered to be too small. Just 41% of businesses have five or more employees, reducing our available mailing file from 220,000 records to 90,000.

4. Does Your Targeted Mailing List Require Company Directors?

Ensuring the right contact names for your marketing list is vital, and some 68% of business list records have a named director. So if your targeted mailing list requires a named company director then your available pot will reduce further to around 60,000 records.

5. What Industries Should Your Mailing List target?

In many cases businesses only want to target specific industry sectors, with their mailing list. However, some just require an “exclusion list”. The most common exclusion list are non-profit entities in their truest sense, such as government (fire, police ambulance, libraries), charities and other specified organisations. This may remove a further 15% from the mailing list, leaving an available pot of approximately 50,000 records.

There are other parameters and variables which may be considered in ensuring a fine-tuned and well targeted mailing list. These include established date of the business, premise type or even the number of branches. However, the above examples show how we can quickly get from a two million business list universe down to a targeted mailing list of just 50,000.

When you wish to buy your mailing list, you may only want to purchase a smaller file of say 10,000 records. In such cases Responsiva always select the records which have been most recently updated unless there are any other parameters which should take a natural precedence.

So to buy a targeted mailing list call Responsiva on 0800 118 5000 where an industry expert will always be glad to help.