Free Data Audit

Optimise your Marketing Database

A typical database will have been collated over a long period of time, and in many cases, mismanaged through either the lack of a central data management system or simple human error from several different users working on the database. What was once a strategically targeted marketing file is now a potentially brand damaging and costly mass of information that will only confuse and frustrate the unfortunate marketer allocated to work from it.

Having your database audited and profiled is an excellent way of identifying not only business gone-aways and incorrect data but also prospects that no longer fall into your target market. All of which you would not want to invest good money into contacting.

The recent case study below outlines how Responsiva maximised a client’s prospecting database through auditing and profiling

The Client

The client has been running their business for 5 years and in that time has bought data from various different sources. Over the years several users have worked from and updated the data which has been stored in Excel spreadsheets. The client found themselves in a situation whereby they had 2 prospecting databases totalling 6,700 prospects, of which they did not know who was in their target market and what data list was still correct.

The Solution

The 6,700 prospects were supplied to Responsiva along with the desired criteria for the data to fall in (Geography, industry, company size etc).

The first stage was to match these 6,700 prospects to our full file of UK businesses to identify business gone-aways and also append up-to-date information and key profiling variables.

5,086 prospects were successfully matched and then profiled. From here Responsiva were able to identify that a further 3,607 prospects fell out of the client’s target market and therefore should not be marketed to. This left the client with 1,479 GOOD prospects (22% of their original file) to focus their marketing efforts on.

To complement this current file of prospects, Responsiva identified new business prospects within the client’s area and target market.

Had this client not taken the data audit and continued to market to the full file of 6,700 prospects, 78% of their marketing budget, time and effort would have gone to waste.