Back to Basics in B2B Marketing

  The advice of most business coaches is to test and measuring (approximately) ten different marketing channels, whilst others recommend sticking with just the best two or three initiatives which work best. I am always looking for new initiatives to trial for Responsiva, and in doing so measure the results rigorously. […]

Business Consultancies Can Conquer Market Saturation

Is market saturation a factual term, or just one of those spruced-up theoretical concepts which only happens to ‘other’ industry sectors? As I work with UK business data, one of the most enjoyable aspects is that everything is provable. Market saturation is definitely a factual term. The mobile phone sector at […]

The UK Business Data Universe (The Facts)

The UK’s business data universe comprises approximately three million records which may be segmented for direct marketing purposes. Some high-level facts about this business universe follow;   Employee Counts All records are regularly telephone verified and updated with their current employee count. Perhaps of most significant note is that some 75% […]