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FAQ - Telemarketing Services

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Do you work on a pay-per-appointment basis?

No. To sell on a 'per lead basis' we would have to pay our telemarketers on the same structure. By doing so we would be encourage them to set more, lower quality appointments. Responsiva pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of services and have a strict quality checking process on every appointment set.

What are your typical results/conversion rates?

Telemarketing results will vary depending on the quality of data called, the saturation of the market, the product/service being promoted, the area of the country being called. For this reason we cannot apply a standard conversion rate however we will advise you of our estimations after discussing your project, and suggest our recommended way forward.

Can you supply the data list for the telemarketing campaign?

Yes, in fact we prefer to. Responsiva are a data supplier with over 20 years experience in the data lists industry. We have great experience in profiling your target market and selecting the best prospects for your campaign.

How quickly can you start?

Responsiva are able to have your campaign up and running within 24hours of a signed order on telemarketing. With independent data orders Responsiva can have the data to you within the hour of receiving a signed order form.

How do you monitor the quality of appointments set?

Every appointment set is checked by our quality manager before being sent out. On top of this call recording software is used to monitor the telemarketers' calls and aid with continual training.

Who writes the script?

Responsiva will write the script initially and liaise with you to make sure we are saying all the right things. Should you have your own script you wish to work with, that's fine however we will make recommendations should we feel the script is unresponsive.

Why should we outsource telemarketing to Responsiva?

Outsourcing telemarketing has many advantages. All of our telemarketers are experienced and well trained. We also have a good range of age and personality types which incorporates a good mix of approaches. With over 20 years data experience we know how to select the very best prospects for your campaign. We also have the ability to provide detailed post campaign analyses to evolve your ongoing telemarketing.

Responsiva has created a unique Data Management System which manages every aspect of the campaign including – database hosting, call back management and campaign reporting. Responsiva will create a unique training pack for your campaign enabling telemarketers to quickly get up to speed with your campaign.

Also you will never suffer from telemarketers being off sick, unlike employing them in-house. We have the ability to get up and running within 24hours meaning you can receive appointments almost imediately.

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