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Data List Premise Types

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Are you getting the right premise type on your Data Lists?
Did you know that data can be selected (or excluded) by premise type?

Specifically this is the type of building a company trades from and includes the following options (with their percentage population across the data list universe):

  • Factories & Manufacturing 4%
  • Wholesalers & Warehouses 1%
  • Businesses trading from home 12%
  • Shops & Retail premises 31%
  • Office & Administration 15%
  • Head Offices 22%
  • Schools & Education premises 3%
  • Hospital & Medical establishments 4%
  • Transport 0% (0.03%)
  • Emergency Services and Government 0% (0.38%)
  • Workshops & Repair centres 4%
  • Sports, Leisure, Holiday Sites 2%
  • Places of Worship 1%
  • Other or unknown 1%

Certain industry types (such as fork lift truck companies) will have a market which spans literally hundreds of industry classifications. Rather than wading through industry types, the premise type of Wholesalers & Warehouses would make the perfect data list. If mixed with employee size (say, 5+) then there is more chance that the prospect data list will contain businesses with two or more fork lifts, increasing the prospect opportunity.

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