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Business Mailing Lists

One of the most relevant selection criteria for business lists is the number of employees.

Whilst the employee count of a business list does not tend to indicate the target market in its strictest sense, it does usually signify the ability of prospect to spend at the desired level.
For example, an office cleaning business will want to target offices within their business mailing list. It follows that an office with just one or two employees would signify the right target market. However, so few employees leads to such a small requirement (maybe one or two hours’ worth of cleaning per week) that this makes them unattractive prospects to include within the business list. And so a cut-off of (typically) 10+ employees might be applied for an office cleaning company’s business mailing list.

What many business list buyers are not aware of however is the relative spread by employee size across the full UK universe of business list prospects. This is as follows (figures are approximate):

Mailing List

These figures are reflected across the business mailing list universe as follows:

Mailing List

And as a line graph it becomes equally clear as to just how many business lists have such a small employee size. Or conversely, just how few business records have a large employee count:

Mailing List

Some high-level bullet points illustrate the main things to consider:

  • Less than 20% of the universe’s business mailing lists have >10 employees
  • Approximately 6% of business list records have >30 employees
  • And only 1.5% of business mailing lists have > 100 employees

These bullet-pointed figures are well worth remembering because most data specifications take the form of what Responsiva can only describe as “AND, AND, AND, AND, AND”.
A simple example of what this means follows;

A business customer of Responsiva starts listing their requirements by saying “I would like every business mailing list in London”. So that would be approximately 300,000 prospect lists available if everything out to the M25 is included. A large business mailing list indeed.
But they continue;

AND I only want the ones with a phone number, screened against the Telephone preference Service”. Killing off about one quarter of the available business data, this makes the available business marketing list drop to just over 225,000 records. Perfectly reasonable.

AND I only want Inner London (“compass point” postcode areas), rather than out to the M25”. This is a very typical request, which would lose about a half of the available business lists. So we now have a pool of around 120,000 business list records.

AND they have to all be ‘proper’ businesses; all with a named director”. This loses another third of the business lists, dropping the figure down to around 80,000.

AND we only want to target office premises, so no factories, medical, educational or retail type outlets”. And this brings the final figure down to around 40,000 business list records.

The killer blow comes when the client gives one last “AND”; the business mailing list can only contain companies with 100+ employees. From the figures above, just 1.5% of businesses have more than 100 employees. And 1.5% of the pool of 40,000 business prospect lists is just 600 records. Maybe there would be up to 1,000 at a push – these numbers are just estimates. The point being that too many “and”‘ s will kill your business mailing list pool.


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