Inaccurate data is bad for business

To a business that sells, a quality database is an absolute must have. Some businesses may spend years building up a database of relevant customers and prospects but that process can be made much harder with inaccurate data. Many business use data companies to provide them with a list of potential contacts that are relevant to their industry to get them going and boost their earning potential. However, there are many data companies out there supplying out of date and inaccurate information that is damaging to a business.

Marketing is incredibly expensive whether it be telemarketing, email marketing, direct mail or social media and most businesses operate to a marketing budget. Choosing to use a data company is not a bad move for a business, in fact if anything it can be incredibly beneficial. However, you need to do your homework regarding the data company you choose. Unfortunately there are data lists on the market that are not beneficial. They offer out of date or sometimes even dead contacts that will see your marketing and sales team wasting their valuable time. Inaccurate data can having the following effects on a business.

  • Damaging a business’s reputation
  • Drains and wastes a marketing budget
  • Lowers your sales teams conversion rate
  • Give the illusion that the marketing strategy is at fault rather than the data itself
  • Your existing database will now be flooded with unusable contacts and could take a long time to correct.
  • No return on your initial investment

You need to find yourself a data company that have a proven track record of providing accurate and successful data lists to businesses. You need to know that the information being given to you is up to date and useable. Responsiva have over 20 years experience in providing marketing data lists to businesses in a wide range of industries. With an accuracy rate of more than 98 %, Responsiva are a company that you can trust to give you a list of contacts that will boost your business potential and give you a guaranteed return on your investment.

Inaccurate data lists are only ever going to cost your business time and money. You are unlikely to ever see a return on your investment when purchasing from unscrupulous companies like this. Responsiva have built their reputation over many years and have a professionally trained team that can provide you with your order in as little as 30 minutes! If you are looking for a data specialist that you can trust then contact Responsiva today.