Marketing Data For A September Mailing

From past experience, the busiest two times for postal mailing activity are January and September. These months tie in nicely to reach the highest volume of recipients, with holiday absences being less prevalent. They are generally well aligned with marketing budgets; starting the year off with a flurry of activity. With a Summer sales review, marketing data campaigns are typically planned for September.

If the b2b mailing list has 4,000 records or more, there are significant cost savings to be made, both from a data list sourcing perspective and the postage. Mailsort discount applies from this volume, enjoying a massive discount on the regular cost of posting. With affiliations to mailing houses, Responsiva will refer you to a specialist in this area if desired.

The marketing data must be chosen to best fit your target audience. Working from what is probably the best single source business universe within the UK, Responsiva brokers data lists from a combined database of more than three million business records UK-wide. The prospect data can be selected by company size, geography, vertical market and premise type, in addition to the required contact fields such as senior decision makers and full company name and postal address.

The business universe receives updates on a monthly basis, ensuring that the data is as fresh as possible. Mailing gone-aways are usually in the region of 1%, and are guaranteed to be below 2%. This conforms with the marketing data industry standards and provides you with a high quality marketing file from which to deliver your sales message. Although Responsiva are not experts in marketing letter content writing, our recommendations are as follows;

  • Keep the message short; to a single side of paper if possible. Several pages of text will most likely be discarded by your prospect. Less is definitely more.
  • Do not send out expensive leaflets or brochures; these should be saved for the responders to your marketing letters. Indeed the letter should give mention that you will supply further literature if desired, and leave them with some questions so that they do respond.
  • Explain some (just a few) of the key benefits of working with your organisation.
  • Provide a very brief overview of your company’s experience in your field of expertise. This can be as short as “we have serviced more than 1,000 customers over the past 20 years“.
  • Offer something for free if you can. Ideally a sample of some kind. Let the prospect trial your service before they commit to anything longer term.
  • Ensure your letter has a call to action; what should your prospect do now?

The last point is key. It is all very well explaining the benefits of your company and how long you have been in business, but this is of limited value if you do not explain what you would like the prospect to do in response to your letter. The most simple of answers being that you would like them to call or email you to request further information, arrange an appointment or simply to take advantage of your free samples.

If you are considering a marketing campaign for September then now is the best time to contact Responsiva regarding the b2b mailing list you will needing for that campaign. After agreeing the specification with you, for your target market, Responsiva will supply you with some free samples. It is recommended that you use the remaining time in August to contact these samples (preferably by phone) to verify the marketing data quality and sense-check that they would be good prospects for you. And that being the case, hopefully you will come back by month end to source the full b2b mailing list for the September initiative.