Leamington Spa Mailing List Data

Leamington Spa covers three postcode districts: CV31, CV32 and CV33.

Within this area there are 1,848 business data records, which can be utilised for a prospect mailing list, telemarketing, fax marketing or an email broadcast.

Typical selection criteria includes industry classifications, company size (employee count) or premise type (e.g. retail, warehouse, office) so that the resultant data list may be focused on a quality target market.

How the data is selected will depend entirely on what products and services your business sells. For example, if you are running a seminar to help the small business (or new company start-ups) then the ideal selection for you may be:

  • Established or Incorporation date: less than two years
  • Businesses trading from home
  • Businesses with 5 employees or less

And depending on how you wish to contact these businesses may incur further screening criteria. For example, if you wish to run a telemarketing campaign to the business data then it would be matched against the Telephone Preference Service so as to ensure you don’t call any businesses who don’t wish to be contacted in this way.


At Responsiva Data Services, all these questions are asked so that you don;t purchase a data list which is unfit for purpose. From our research we have found that the biggest issue clients have in purchasing data is that the data list they purchase contains unsuitable prospects. Responsiva never knowingly mis-sell data in this way and your call will be answered by an industry expert who will guide you through the process of identifying the best possible data list.

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