Bolton Prospect Data

Bolton in Lancashire has 5,838 businesses, covering the postal districts of BL1 – BL7.

If the area is expanded to include the whole BL postcode area then the figure increases to 8,489 records.

The term ‘business’ covers a whole manner of entities, from regular companies (retail outlets, offices, factories etc) through to the public sector (government, fire, police, ambulance, libraries, doctors) and all branches of the corporate chains.

Therefore in selecting an appropriate prospecting data list for your marketing it is typical to scrutinise the file and select only the business data of interest.

B2B data is selectable by the following variables:

  1. Company size (turnover or employee size)
  2. Branch / head office indicator
  3. Premise type (e.g. offices, factories, companies trading from home)
  4. Industry sector (SIC codes or other classifications as available)
  5. Date established / incorporation date

By specifying your requirements against these 5 parameters you will end up with the right data list for your marketing.

B2B prospect datamay be used for a mailing list, telemarketing calls, fax markeing or even for email broadcasts.

To find out more information about prospect data in Bolton (or any area of the UK) give Responsiva Data a call on 0800 118 5000 or send an email to A data list expert will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and will guid you through your prospect data selection.