Direct Marketing In June

Measuring the last ten years at Responsiva (and experience from the fifteen years in employment before that), June is one of the busiest three months of the year for direct marketing. The other two being January & September. The main reason being that any mailing or telemarketing list campaign will reach their intended audience comfortably after the traditional three school holidays have finished, and most households and workplaces are back to full strength. May can be equally as busy, but with two bank holidays (and often ending in a half term week) June seems to be the busier month. Perhaps as it marks the start of Summer. Either way, marketing managers are tasked with maximising the return from each campaign and so the best time to run any mailing or telemarketing data driven initiative is when the fewest recipients are likely to be on holiday.

As a start to Responsiva’s new blog-driven initiatives, for June 2013 only we are giving away free business email addresses with all b2b data lists where requested. So in addition to any mailing activity or telemarketing list campaigns, you will now be able to follow-up with an email data broadcast at no extra cost for the database. When you make your enquiry just give reference to June’s blog and the emails will be added to each record where available.

Some industry types are more prolific with emails than others. The service sector, for example, will be more highly populated than retail. So please don’t expect every record to have an email address; because not every business data record has one. But where there is a b2b email available, it will be added without the extra cost.

Responsiva has a coverage of 3.25 million business data records throughout the UK. These can be selected by some two thousand distinct industry classifications, company size (an employee cut-off is usually the best method, but an estimated turnover value is also available), premise type or even the number of branches to that company. The branch count is usually applied as an exclusion (for example, remove any business data where there are more than ten sites). And the data lists can now be chosen by job titles or functions. Director level contact names will usually be stronger than managerial names, and the b2b data universe is also flagged with the functionality of key roles within each organisation too. So you can select the chief exec role, or by responsibility for marketing, sales, IT, finance and HR. Quite often, for companies with up to 20 employees, all these roles are managed by the business owner, with a Managing Director title. So the job function flag is more akin to the different responsibilities the individual has, rather than any specific title.

Email data is becoming increasingly sought after by Responsiva’s clients, so this really is quite a special offer for June, and has great added value to your sourcing of a regular marketing data list. You may contact Responsiva via the usual channels; by email to info@responsiva .biz or on our freephone number 0800 118 5000.