Rochdale Data Lists

Rochdale covers the three Oldham districts of OL11, 12 & 16. There are around 2,500 business data lists within Rochdale which can be supplied by Responsiva by calling 0800 118 5000. To get the right business data prospects for your marketing Responsiva will guide you through the selection criteria, including your geographical requirements, company size, industry sectors plus any other fields which are pertinent to your own market.

Typically these prospects are sourced for use as a mailing list, but other common marketing uses include fax broadcasting, email marketing and telemarketing. All telemarketing data lists ar supplied by Responsiva pre-screened against the Telephone Preference Service to ensure your legal compliance.

There are some two million businesses UK-wide to choose from for marketing. By calling Responsiva you can be assured of selecting the right ones for your own business.