Oldham Data Lists

Oldham is represented by the postal districts of OL1-4 and OL8-9.

Within these districts of Oldham there are 4,000 businesses available to purchase as data lists from Responsiva (0800 118 5000 / www.Responsiva.biz). If the full OL postal area is considered then there are just light of 10,000 business data records, which includes other towns such as Ashton-Under-Lyne and Rochdale.

It is important to consider when sourcing data lists the type of business that you should be prospecting to. Typically, less than half make good prospects, and to buy mailing lists of these bad prospects is just a wasted marketing budget.

Examples of weak prospects will depend very much on your company’s industry and market, but typically could include:

  • Charities and other non profit-making industries
  • Government and public sector
  • Micro businesses (say, below 4 employees)
  • TPS failures (for telemarketing campaigns)
  • Branches (such as supermarket and high street chains)

Many clients find that after a ten minute discussion with Responsiva, what they initially thought to be “we can market to ANYONE” actually transpires to a REAL prospect pool of just 10% to 20% of the available businesses within the geography required. And this is where Responsiva helps their clients the best: all marketing data listsare accurately specified and counted prior to purchase, along with a quotation and data sample. Nothing is hidden for future disappointment. Responsiva don’t like credit notes and refunds any more than you do, and that’s why we almost always get it right for you first time, every time.