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With a universe of 3.25 million records, Responsiva supply business data from a combined file of the UK’s market leading b2b data sources. All b2b data sources have been professionally de-duplicated into what is most likely the UK's strongest single business data source.

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  • The business data universe within the UK is suggested (by different data list brokers) to comprise anything from 1.5 million to 5 million records...
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  • Only a handful of corporate companies within the UK would wish to market to such a high volume of all two million prospects, so the key to...
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  • Thousands of pounds can be wasted every time you run a marketing campaign on an incorrect or decayed database, and you will be damaging...
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  • A typical database will have been collated over a long period of time, and in many cases, mismanaged through either the lack of a...
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  • If you have a basic database of company names and addresses then why not enhance your data to identify key profiling variables and...
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  • By sending Resposniva a copy of your customer database (in full commercial confidence, as covered by our Terms and Conditions we will...
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  • Responsiva have the ability to electronically cleanse your database, which is not only cost effective but also time saving. As an added...
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  • When running any form of marketing campaign, it is one thing to target the right companies but another issue to get the right contact...
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  • Did you know that data can be selected (or excluded) by premise type? Specifically this is the type of building a company trades from...
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  • Responsiva Data don't just look for more customers; we look for the high spending ones too! This way we can provide you with a perfect...
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  • Digital/New media marketing. Internet based marketing services including: Ready to go or bespoke internet marketing/E-commerce...
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  • Contacting prospects by phone can offer a number of advantages over other forms of marketing. Telemarketing allows you to...
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  • Responsiva will optimise you marketing through systematically gathering, recording and analysing data and information about...
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  • In the first instance Responsiva would meet with you to get to understand your product or service. From there we are able to...
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  • Whether you have a direct mail campaign, your own sales team or even an online store, we can provide you with B2B data that...
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  • One of the most relevant selection criteria for business lists is the number of employees. Whilst the employee count of a...
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  • With some two million mailing list records available to choose from within the UK universe, just which ones would you want...
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  • Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in the desire to source quality email lists for direct marketing...
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  • A marketing data list is a proven element in attracting new customers for your business. However, the success of your...
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  • A (b2b) prospect database is an electronic file which maintains records of the companies your organisation would potentially...
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  • There are two types of business that supply marketing data lists; data list owners and data list brokers. So what are the...
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  • A business prospect list is a collection of company names, addresses and other contact details hosted in a database form...
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      • Speed of service - we understand that you have marketing deadlines.
      • Fair price policy - quotes are clear and concise so there are no surprises.
      • Data quality - we guarantee that more than 98% of information is accurate.
      • We understand your needs - supplying data that provides the most benefit.
      • Experience - we have more than 20 years of data marketing experience.

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Looks good at a quick glance. As always, thanks for your excellent service. Cheers
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Business Data Lists - Further Information

The purpose of this section is to assist the data controller with their understanding of the business data universe, and ultimately lead to a stronger b2b data specification for their marketing initiatives.

There are three types of company within the business data list industry:

  • Data List Owners
  • Data List Amalgamators
  • Data List Brokers

1. Data List Owners

List Owners not only own the source of the file, but they maintain, update and refresh it. This update process is typically from a team of outbound telephone operatives, calling through the file, updating each record manually on an ongoing basis. Other source files (such as Companies House) rely on the business to update any change of details, or financial information, via their annual returns and legal obligations. Single source files (list owners) don't cover the entire business universe; some focus on the corporates, whilst others are richer in the SME workplace. Sourcing data directly from a list owner will mean missing out on those prospects which the owner doesn't have within their file.

2. Data List Amalgamators

Most list owners lease their data through List Amalgamators, who merge several lists together to make their own version of a single business universe. It is these universal files that represent the best sources of prospect data. Typically they have the breadth of data volume (spanning approximately three million business data records), and the depth of field coverage such as multiple contact names, email addresses and additional profile variables.

3. Data List Brokers

List brokers are more prevalent than the list amalgamators. They re-sell business data directly from a relationship with the list owners or the amalgamated files. Ultimately all parties in the chain receive their royalties; the customer pays the list broker, the list broker pays the amalgamator, who in turn pays the list owner.

Typically the customer pays a similar price regardless. The brokers, amalgamators and owners haggle behind the scenes for fair rates, data quality, service lines and long-term relationships.

List amalgamators (and experienced list brokers) supply many millions of records per year, enabling them to ally with quality list sources at a fair price for the end customer. This is how they can compete in the same marketplace as the list owners. Not so dissimilar to the insurance brokerage industry.

One particular advantage of an experienced list broker or amalgamator is that they can provide an unbiased service, because they don't own the list sources. They recommend using the sources appropriate for their clients, at the most attractive price. And (if needs be) they can switch between data sources to find the right business list for the end customer. The reputable brokers and amalgamators will also refuse to work with unethical list sources, or those of a substandard quality. So with a list owner you will almost always be told "our data is the best" etc, and this gives you no guarantee that their file is of a reasonable quality. At least with a list broker and list amalgamator, some quality checking has taken place, and the company will (or should) only re-sell the files that genuinely are of a high standard.

There is also the matter of a wider scope from amalgamated lists; the best ones being those which span the full coverage (or at least 90% coverage) of all available businesses within the UK. No list owner has this full coverage from a single data source, so the end customer will generally get a wider market coverage from a list broker or amalgamator.

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