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There are six key variables to consider when creating a specification for the sourcing of mailing lists;

Six Steps To Specifying Mailing Lists

1. Industry Classification

UK SIC codes (Standard Industry Classification) are the most commonly used industry classifications for segmenting mailing lists and defining a core target market. Other classifications are available and identifying the right industries is key to sourcing the right mailing lists.

2. Employee Size

Employee size is a stronger variable to work with than company turnover, due to the fact that not all businesses are obliged to file accounts with Companies House. There are some pitfalls to avoid when selecting your mailing lists by company size and by speaking with an expert at Responsiva Data you will be guided through this process.

3. Geography

Most companies operate within a defined catchment area, and those operating nationwide will typically have a sales team which have their own territory to work within. Mailing lists may be split by postcode areas and districts to ensure your marketing hits the desired region.

4. Premise Type

Premise types include factories, offices, retail outlets, warehouses, businesses at home, educational establishments, medical establishments, transport, repair centres and government premises.

Mailing lists are not typically selected by the premise type unless the products or services are specifically related to the building from which a company operates.

5. Established (at site) Date

This variable indicates when the business entered the current premise. This may include new company branches, business relocations or (in the case of a first time premise) a new business start-up.

Mailing lists frequently require the newer companies for their marketing so this field is worthy of consideration when making your selection.

6. Job Title (of most senior decision maker)

The most senior contact name’s job title has particular relevance when selecting your mailing lists. A named director, partner or proprietor will typically be a business owner. A solicitor, accountant, dentist and landlord also fit within this category, though specific to their relevant industry. Branch managers by contrast (along with office managers) may only have an operational decision-making ability and so many mailing lists will look to exclude these job titles.

Marketing To Your Mailing Lists

It is vital to plan your marketing campaign prior to the purchase of mailing lists, because the data will begin to decay from the moment it has been purchased. And whilst guarantees may be offered with mailing lists, it is normal for them to expire within 30 days.

The planning of a direct mail campaign to mailing lists will include the following;

  • Design (of brochures or prospect letters)
  • Printing (of the above)
  • Mail merge (of the mailing lists’ data onto letters or labels)
  • Packing
  • Posting

Whilst Responsiva Data only specialise in the mailing lists, we will gladly offer advice on any of these areas to ensure you have the full marketing process covered.

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