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Leamington Spa Mailing List Data

Leamington Spa covers three postcode districts: CV31, CV32 and CV33.

Within this area there are 1,848 business data records, which can be utilised for a prospect mailing list, telemarketing, fax marketing or an email broadcast.

Typical selection criteria includes industry classifications, company size (employee count) or premise type (e.g. retail, warehouse, office) so that the resultant data list may be focused on a quality target market.

How the data is selected will depend entirely on what products and services your business sells. For example, if you are running a seminar to help the small business (or new company start-ups) then the ideal selection for you may be:

  • Established or Incorporation date: less than two years
  • Businesses trading from home
  • Businesses with 5 employees or less

And depending on how you wish to contact these businesses may incur further screening criteria. For example, if you wish to run a telemarketing campaign to the business data then it would be matched against the Telephone Preference Service so as to ensure you don’t call any businesses who don’t wish to be contacted in this way.


At Responsiva Data Services, all these questions are asked so that you don;t purchase a data list which is unfit for purpose. From our research we have found that the biggest issue clients have in purchasing data is that the data list they purchase contains unsuitable prospects. Responsiva never knowingly mis-sell data in this way and your call will be answered by an industry expert who will guide you through the process of identifying the best possible data list.

Contact Responsiva now on 0800 118 5000 or send an email to info@responsiva.biz

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Bolton Prospect Data

Bolton in Lancashire has 5,838 businesses, covering the postal districts of BL1 – BL7.

If the area is expanded to include the whole BL postcode area then the figure increases to 8,489 records.

The term ‘business’ covers a whole manner of entities, from regular companies (retail outlets, offices, factories etc) through to the public sector (government, fire, police, ambulance, libraries, doctors) and all branches of the corporate chains.

Therefore in selecting an appropriate prospecting data list for your marketing it is typical to scrutinise the file and select only the business data of interest.

B2B data is selectable by the following variables:

  1. Company size (turnover or employee size)
  2. Branch / head office indicator
  3. Premise type (e.g. offices, factories, companies trading from home)
  4. Industry sector (SIC codes or other classifications as available)
  5. Date established / incorporation date

By specifying your requirements against these 5 parameters you will end up with the right data list for your marketing.

B2B prospect datamay be used for a mailing list, telemarketing calls, fax markeing or even for email broadcasts.

To find out more information about prospect data in Bolton (or any area of the UK) give Responsiva Data a call on 0800 118 5000 or send an email to info@responsiva.biz. A data list expert will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and will guid you through your prospect data selection.

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Bognor Regis Mailing List

Bognor Regis (West Sussex) covers the two postal districts of PO21 and PO22.

Within Bognor Regis there are 1,546 businesses which may be sourced as a mailing list for any company looking to promote their services into the area.

The mailing list can be dissected to target only the prospect records of key interest; such as warehouses or the retail sector. This depends very much on your products and services.

At Responsiva you will be guided through this process and a full data count of your key prospects will be provided without charge.

To contact Responsiva call 0800 118 5000 or send an email to info@responsiva.biz

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Bicester B2B Data Lists

To acquire a B2B data listfrom the Bicester area look no further than Responsiva Data Services.

There are 1,193 business prospect records within the postcode districts covered by Bicester, in Oxfordshire.

The  postcode dfinition is OX25 – OX27.

These may be selected by company size, industry or premise.

By way of example, 10+ employees, finance sector, office premise types.

To discuss your ideal business data prospecting list call Responsiva on 0800 118 5000, or send an email to info@responsiva.biz, where an industry professional will be delighted to help by listening to your requirements and running a free data count to meet your ideal specification.

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Mailing Lists in Blackpool

Blackpool plays host to 4,223 businesses, within the postcodes of FY1, FY2, FY3 and FY4.

A prospect mailing list comprises a suite of business names and addresses, along with the contact name and job title of (typically) the most senior person at the premise. Usually the contact names will be directors, managing directors and company owners (proprietors). For chain companies (or subsidiaries) the contact name will more typically be Branch Manager or Manager.

It is possible to select a marketing data list by employee size, industry classification or premise type so that you may target the right prospects for your needs.

For example if your company manufactures souvenirs then you may wish to target RETAIL premise types along the coast. i.e., FY1, 2 and 4. You may expand the data list selection as far north (but remaining coastal) as Cleveleys (FY5) and Fleetwood (FY7).

Business data lists are provided for multiple use and come complete with full company name & address details, in addition to a senior contact name, premise type, industry classification and employee size.

For all your data list requirements contact Responsiva at www.Responsiva .biz or call 0800 118 5000, where a data expert will respond to your enquiry and provide a free count & quotation.

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Data Lists in Salford

If you are looking to source a business data list from the Salford area then Responsiva Data Services can help you.

Business prospect data can be used for direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing or fax marketing.

There are a total of 1,603 business prospect records available within Salford (Lancashire) which covers these four postcode districts: M5, M50, M6 and M7.

The business data can be fine-tuned by targeting selected premise types only, such as retail outlets, offices, factories or sole-traders working from home. Or you may wish to target specific industry sectors such as construction, manufacturing or finance.

Senior contact names are supplied with the data, along with other marketing fields such as full address details, telephone numbers, fax numbers and the profile fields (which include industry type, premise type and employee size).

In calling Responsiva (telephone 0800 118 5000) you will speak with an industry expert who will guide you through the right data selection for your target audience.

Alternatively you can send an enquiry to info@responsiva.biz

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Scarborough Business Data Lists

Within Scarborough there are 2,196 business data records which may prospected to, typically via a mailing list or telephone marketing.

Mailing lists comprise of company name, address, postcode and a contact name with job title. This information is supplied via email in a spreadsheet to enable a mail-merge onto letters or address labels.

Mailing list data is available from Responsiva Data, to cover the full UK and all business types.

For example, you may wish to only include companies of a certain size or industry type. The full data list specification is always best discussed with an industry professional, who you will always reach at Responsiva Data on 0800 118 5000, or by sending an email to info@responsiva.biz

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Data Lists in Rotherham

Rotherham (in South Yorkshire) is host to 3,823 businesses.

The Rotherham area covers the postcode districts of S60 through to S66 inclusive.

Not all of these businesses may be applicable for your marketing, so the purchase of this business data may be fine-tuned to only include (for example) head offices or companies with a telephone number for telephone marketing.

Although virtually all businesses do have a telephone number, Responsiva Data will only provide the ones which are not resident within the Corporate Telephone Preference Service database.

In supplying a prospect data list, Responsiva will guide you through your ideal target market and ensure the data you receive is both fit for purpose and as responsive as possible. This is achieved by ensuring all records within the data list are feasible prospects who may have some need for your products or services.

For example, if you sell, service and repair fork lift trucks, Responsiva would recommend that you only target WAREHOUSE premise types, thus excluding businesses at home, retail outlets and offices.

To receive a free data count and quote of your potential business prospects, simply call Responsiva Data on freephone 0800 118 5000 or send an email to info@responsiva.biz

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Rugby Business Data Lists

If you are looking to promote your business to the Rugby area, there are currently 1,958 business prospects available.

Rugby (Warwickshire) is defined by the postcode districts CV21, CV22 and CV23.

The business data supplied by responsiva includes the following variables:

  • Full company name. address and postcode
  • Senior contact name and job title
  • Telephone number, where screened against the Telephone Preference Service
  • Industry Classification
  • Employee Size
  • Premise Type
  • Fax number and website address where available

Email addresses are also available for many of the records within this data list.

The prospect data may be fine-tuned to meet your ideal criteria, such as targeting office premise types only, or to exclude companies of a certain size (e.g. micro businesses or companies trading from home).

To discuss your business prospect data requirements, call responsiva Data on freephone 0800 118 5000 (or send an email to info@responsiva.biz) where an industry expert will guide you through your selection and provide free counts of the prospecting universe available to you.

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Prospect Data for Reading

If you are looking to source a prospect data list in reading then look no further than Responsiva Data Services.

Reading in Berkshire covers the following postcode districts:

  • RG1
  • RG2
  • RG4
  • RG5
  • RG6
  • RG7
  • RG8
  • RG10
  • RG30
  • RG31

Within these postcodes there are 6,836 business data records which are available as a prospect list for marketing.

This data may be fine-tuned further by industry, premise type and company size to ensure your marketing list is appropriately targeted to hit the right prospects.

To find out how this list may be best applied to your marketing needs, call Responsiva Data Services on freephone  0800 118 5000  where a data list specialist will listen to your requirements and provide free data counts on the best prospects available to you.

Responsiva’s website can be viewed at www.Responsiva.biz

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